What is this game about?

ILL Space is a survival space station simulation with emphasis on resource management and defense. It is about modular space station construction, mining asteroids and huge space battles.

When is it going to come out?

Early Access will be available very soon!

Why Early Access?

Cool and Good Games is currently a two-man development team.
Early Access would help us bring about the vision of ILL Space and enable us to work on the game full-time, actively involving the community in it's development.

Does it have multiplayer?

Multiplayer is a feature we plan to implement in the future.

How about a single player campaign?

ILL Space will feature a dynamic single player campaign, where players battle against Ancient Galactic Entities on a large galaxy map with a number of different sectors.

Does it have guns?

It has space guns on a scale rarely seen in videogames. Or anywhere.

Which platforms?

Currently we plan to release on PC in Early Access.

Will the community be a part of game's development?

Yes, we plan to actively involve our community into development of ILL Space. A special feature in the game's interface allows players to instantly send us their feedback, providing us with screenshots, comments, ratings and ideas directly from within the game!

I have a cool idea for your game!

Don't hesitate to send us any comments, requests or suggestion on what you would like to see included in ILL Space.